Ball Mastery

Ball Mastery

Use both feet to unlock your full potential!

What is Ball Mastery

Ball Mastery is the controlled manipulation of the ball with both feet, through a series of push, pull, drag, roll and fake combinations. It's your personal relationship with the ball. Your technical competence directly affects your contribution to the team.

Why is Ball Mastery Important

Mastering the ball helps unlock the next level of a players game.

Let me share a personal analogy I often use - riding a bike.

When we first learn to ride a bike, we focus on many different aspects. Peddling fast enough, getting our feet coordinated to push the bike forward, then place our foot on the peddle, all while keeping our balance and looking in front of us. For a child, learning the new skill is difficult because it requires coordinating all of these aspects.

This is the same with ball mastery. We have to learn to coordinate the different movements of both feet. Balance, agility, coordiation. How we have to shift our feet quickly and touch the ball with the correct weight in order to move the ball with grace and finesse. It takes time and practice - but can be mastered at home.

Benefits of Ball Mastery

  • Improved decision making
  • Improved confidence
  • Better team player
  • More balance.
Coach Sam Blakeley

Coach Sam Blakeley

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