Only 7 Minutes a day

Our expertly designed home soccer program develops the ball mastery, discipline and dedication required for developing athletes. Only 7 minutes a day will vastly improve your players soccer skills.

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7 Challenging Levels

Our program is designed for players aged four and above but any player can benefit with our 7 progressive levels. Try the first two levels for free.

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Have your team Compete

Against each other

Who is the most dedicated player on your team? See which player ranks the highest for discipline, dedication and ball mastery. Kids love to compete!

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Team Leaderboard

Monthly Leadeboard - Online Soccer Skills Challenge
World Leadeboard - Online Soccer Skills Challenge

Compete Against Teams

From All Over The World!

Compete in our online world cup. Will your team/country win?

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Case Study

Fall 2018 - Niagara Soccer Skills Academy

Help Your Kids Unlock Their Potentional

Master the ball. Unlock the next level of their game.


Pass Description Access Cost
Coach Pass Easy Setup
  1. Coach signs up for an account.
  2. Coach has access to and shares unique Team Key with up to 20 players.
  3. Player signs up for Players Pass (using the Team Key).
  4. Coach now sees their players. Players see their team's leaderboard.

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One Year $60.00
Individual Player Pass (One Year Access - Levels 1-7) Setup
  1. Player signs up and has full access to all levels.
  2. Player can compete with other players around the world.
  3. Player is not connected with a team.
One Year $10.00

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