7 Minute Program - Soccer Homework For Players

Ball Mastery Gamified

Each level has specific ball mastery skills and exercises to help build confidence and create success. Our progressive program motivates players to unlock new levels by earning points and ranking on our leaderboards!

Follow Along Program

Our program takes the guess work about what to skills and exercises to work on at home. Each level builds upon the next - all you have to do is follow along.

Earn Points

We have gamified ball mastery! Players earn points for videos finished and extra streak points for having the discipline to complete videos multiple days in a row.

Unlock New Levels

Our levels get progressivley harder. The goal for any soccer player is to continually challenge yourself and to master the ball with both feet.

Your Team Competes

Against Each Other

An easy way to motivate your team is a little healthy competition. See which players are the most dedicated!

Your Team Leaderboard

Monthly Leadeboard - Online Soccer Skills Challenge


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