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Earn Points

How To Earn Points

Players earn points when a video is played/finished. Players only earn points once per day. So if you watch 5 videos in one day, you will only earn the maximum points for that day once. Note - if two players have the same points for the week, then the players will be ranked on total videos finished.

Play Video

Players earn 5 points for playing the video.

Finish Video

Players earn 10 points for finishing the video.

Streak Points

Players who finish videos mutiple days in a row earn streak points. They will earn 25 points per day for the streak. For example,

If you finished videos 3 days in a row, then you would earn 3 x 25 = 75 points extra for that week.

Maximum Points Per Week

The maximum points per week are 280 points. For example:

7 x 15 points = 105 points.
7 x 25 "streak" points = 175 points.
105 + 175 = 280 points


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