7 Minute Soccer Skills - Soccer Homework For Players

Our soccer platform is designed to practice the core skills of ball mastery. Drags, rolls, push and pull using both feet AND in a variety of combinations. Follow our 7 minute program or study our video library to improve your soccer skills!

7 Minute Program

Our high intensity gamified soccer program is only 7 minutes long and the perfect combination of skills and exercises. It is designed to improve your footwork, balance and strength. The video below is level one in our program.

Players will:

  1. Follow along
  2. Earn points
  3. Unlock new levels
  4. Compete on various leaderboards

Player Leaderboard

How dedicated are you to improving? Where will you rank?

Monthly Leadeboard - Online Soccer Skills Challenge
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Our video library allows you to study and perfect each skill and exercise.

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Build Confidence

"Practice makes perfect" is a saying we've all heard. The more you practice, the more you boost your confidence in your own ability. Confidence makes us feel like champions and it all starts with the fundamentals.

Increase strength, balance and coordination.

Our skills and exercises focus on building soccer specific movements. There are many explosive, coordinated movements designed to give you the advantage.

For players of all ages.

Very few players master both feet. To be an effective player in the modern game requires the right attitude to "perfecting your skills".


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