7 Minute Soccer Skills - Soccer Homework For Your Team

What is 7 Minute Soccer Skills

7 Minute Soccer Skills is an online platform designed for players to follow along with a 7 minute ball mastery and soccer-specific exercise program from home.

Players earn points, unlock new progressive levels and rank on a weekly, monthly and season-long team leaderboard.

Designed by coach Sam Blakeley, setup is quick and easy for everybody.

How it works

  1. Coach creates an account.
  2. Coach shares a setup document with team.
  3. Players sign up.
  4. Players follow along with 7 minute program at home.
  5. Players earn points and unlock new progressive levels.
  6. Players rank on team/individual leaderboards.
  7. Coach can reward weekly/monthly/season winners.

Benefits to your team

Players who are confident and competent with BOTH FEET are proven to help contribute to the team.

It can frustrating to a team and confidence-shattering to a player when during a game, a great passage of play is let down by an individual error.

Help your players by providing them with a professional soccer homework solution.

Have your team Compete

Against each other

Who is the most dedicated player on your team? Which player ranks the highest for discipline, dedication and ball mastery. Kids love to compete!

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Monthly Leadeboard - Online Soccer Skills Challenge

Help Your Kids Unlock Their Potentional

Master the ball. Unlock the next level of their game.

World Leadeboard - Online Soccer Skills Challenge

Compete Against Teams

From All Over The World!

Compete in our online world cup. Will your team/country win?

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Case Study

Fall 2018 - Niagara Soccer Skills Academy


Coach Pass - Allows Up To 20 Players (One Year Access)

Improve your Team's First Touch

Use the Coach Pass to provide ball mastery homework to ALL of your players! Help them improve their first touch with BOTH feet!

  • Add up to 20 players.
  • View your team leaderboard.
  • Easy setup - Share a Team Key and let them sign up under your account.
  • Compete against teams all over the world!

$60.00 per year

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